I grew up in the northern part of San Diego county and have a wonderful family with 3 children that my wife and I have been blessed with. I began detailing professionally in 2006 and have enjoyed the satisfaction that comes from it ever since. Over the years I have perfected techniques and have gained valuable knowledge on the various products and chemicals needed to effectively clean and restore a cars appearance. In 2009 I began assisting my customers when they wanted to sell their vehicles to alleviate the stress and time that is needed to sell it privately. With a background in sales, this came naturally I've enjoyed the opportunity to take my detailing to another level. Please take a look  at www.detailtosale.com . I would love to take care of your vehicle and guarantee you will be pleased with the results!  Thanks!  


Greg Nielsen


detailgreg@gmail.com   |   760-300-8470

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